From registration to final assessment, we make things go smoothly for you and your staff.

Working in close collaboration with you as an extension of your training or HR department, LDL provides flexible and easy solutions to help manage even the most complex resource training requirements, while obtaining great results and a great return on investment.

› Online Registration Portal
› Simplified Session Planning
› Centralized Management
› Adapted Invoicing
› Available Account Manager and Training Director
› Language Proficiency Assessment by Position within your Business
› Automated Class Confirmation
› Easy Reporting: Attendance, Progress, Satisfaction Survey
› Turnkey Solutions
› Highly Qualified Trainers
› Coast to Coast Standardized Services
› Tailored Language Training
› Great Flexibility
› Measurable Results
› Centralized management
› Adapted invoicing


Maximise the impact of your employees' oral and written communications

When conducting business, every detail counts. Regardless of the nature of each employees’ work, every spoken or written word can positively or negatively influence the course of events.  For this reason, it is imperative that your employees acquire the skills necessary to interact and communicate effectively with customers and suppliers, whether in English, French or any other language.

Rest assured that your training budget will be wisely invested; at the right time, for the right people and in outstanding training.

› Are your employees proficient in their mother tongue, both in the written and spoken word?
› Can they communicate effectively in a second language?
› Do you know their true language proficiency?
› How could they improve?

The answers to these questions can easily be answered thanks to the competency tests offered by LDL. Our recorded oral tests and online intuitive testing, will enable you to make informed decisions regarding investment in training that is tailored to identified needs.

Mes barrières langagières représentent les barrières de mon monde.

-Ludwig Wittgenstein-

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