What is LDL Approach ?

Active learning

Setting up of active learning: discussions, practice doing, teach others.
See for yourself how effective are each assimilation technique!


Emphasis on andragogy vs pedagogy: learning adapted to adults according to their personal and vocational needs, improving existing skills and acquiring new practical knowledge.


Neurolinguistic Programming

Working with Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to optimize learning: NLP allows teachers to help each learner assimilate in the most effective way for each of them, according to their readiness/predisposition to learn.

A 3 dimensions approach:

Why LDL Group?


  1. Our teaching methods can adapt to each of your employees’ learning capacities.
  2. Our approach as well as our trainers’ teaching methods are standard.
  3. Our services are nationally uniform (Pan Canadian services)
  4. Your employees are completely managed: from registration, course schedules, making employees aware of their responsibilities regarding their learning, until final assessment
  5. Your training budgets are optimal with our retention follow-ups for each learner

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